Ukraine’s presidential party set to form new government on its own

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and the Verkhovna Rada (parliament) should start to implement the Minsk Agreements following the Servant of the People party’s parliamentary election win, Head of the Russian Federation Council’s Foreign Affairs Committee Konstantin Kosachev told Izvestia. The presidential party will have the opportunity to form a new government on its own, giving the Ukrainian leader a free hand and freedom of maneuver.

Ukrainian political scientist Vladimir Fesenko, cited by Vedomosti, said that the outcome of the vote in single-mandate constituencies was the major sensation of the election, which was the result of Zelensky’s activities in July. Having achieved such a success, the Servant of the People party doesn’t need to set up a coalition, which is unprecedented in the history of independent Ukraine.

The landslide victory of Zelensky’s party stems from voter attitudes, as Ukrainians are tired of the previous authorities, Center for Current Politics Director Alexei Chesnakov said. According to him, "Zelensky dominated the media landscape during both the presidential and the parliamentary election campaigns." "Others lagged behind, unable to present any initiatives that could overshadow his agenda," the expert noted.

Kosachev explained to Izvestia that since the Ukrainian leader could rely on his own party without taking other factions into account, there were good prospects for resolving the situation in Donbass. "We used to hear Poroshenko say that he wasn’t able to push the laws stipulated by the Minsk Agreements through the fragmented parliament that was out of his control. Now, the situation is significantly changing," the Russian senator pointed out.

According to Moscow State Institute of International Relations Associate Professor Kirill Koktysh, Zelensky is truly interested in resolving the conflict and may now push for the implementation of the Agreements. As far as relations with Russia are concerned, Zelensky will probably opt to restore economic ties without improving political relations, said Russian Institute for Strategic Studies expert Vladimir Yevseyev.

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