Congratulations to the citizens of Transnistria on the 25th anniversary of the Republic!

Russian Institute for Strategic Studies congratulates all the citizens of Transnistria on the remarkable, historically significant day – the 25th anniversary of the Transnistrian Moldavian Republic.

A quarter of a century ago was created an independent Republic on the Dniester as a result of people’s free choice. It was an adequate response to the process of destruction of a great country and the challenges of aggressive ethnic nationalism. Shortly thereafter, the people of Transnistria defended their independence, the right to live on their land and speak their native language in the bloody war of 1991-1992. The intercession of Russia has led to a cessation of the conflict, and Russian peacekeepers still remain a reliable guarantor of peace on the banks of the Dniester.

The life of the Transnistrian Moldavian Republic for 25 years was filled with creative work, daily struggle for a better future, and a constant desire to reunite with its historical motherland – the great Russia. During this time in Transnistria has been developed a unique model of international society based on respect for rights and mutual friendship of peoples, has formed a unique Transnistrian civil and cultural identity. For a quarter of a century of independence the Transnistrian land grew and prepared for the active life a whole generation of young citizens that shares the traditional ideals of the older generations, their love for native land and common aspiration to reunite with brotherly Russia.

Despite all the economic difficulties, Transnistria has maintained its industrial capacity and productive agriculture. Institutions of real democracy and parliamentarism successfully operate there - that has been repeatedly confirmed by the democratic will of the residents of the Republic. In other words, Transnistria is an established state, and that means its fair struggle for the internationally recognized status will be succeed. There is no doubt that the time-tested features of the Transnistrian nature will allow people to achieve national aspirations.

We wish to Transnistrians a peaceful sky over head, constructive labor in their native land, prosperity, peace of mind, and achievement of the great historical purpose.

Congratulatory letter on behalf of the RISS Director L. Reshetnikov was sent to the President of the PMR E. Shevchuk.

Reshetnikov Shevchuk Transnistrian Moldavian Republic