No way back for Nord Stream 2

New US sanctions against the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline harms primarily German economy. Berlin will distribute gas to all of Europe, and the USA doesn't like it, RISS expert Mikhail Belyaev considers.

Washington doesn't support the Nord Stream 2 from both commercial and political positions. USA wants to have a market for its natural gas, and cheaper Russian gas is a direct competitor for them. "Washington wants to influence Europe with the help of sanctions. The US is focusing on the EU's leading power – Germany. Republicans and Democrats have a surprisingly common opinion on this issue: they want Berlin to act in their own interests," M.Belyaev explained.

In order to prevent the construction of Nord Stream 2, the USA imposed a ban on the supply of pipe-laying vessels in the Baltic Sea. Only Swiss and Italian companies in the whole world are engaged in such works. The German Foreign Minister has already claimed that the pipeline construction was a European issue, which should be solved only by Europeans, and they were not going to follow the US recommendations. RISS expert quoted a Columbian Professor R.Neveu, who developed sanctions against the Nord Stream 2: "These restrictions can slow down the construction works, but they can't stop it." Germany is strongly interested in this project and will contribute to its successful implementation, as there is simply no alternative to cheap Russian gas, the analyst underscored.

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