Decline of Chancellor Merkel elevated the German President

Failure of the parliamentary coalition formation in Germany is connected with the political decline of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, RISS expert Lyudmila Vorobyova said. “She stops to be an integrating force in Germany, loses her credibility,” she added.

The causes of political crisis in Germany have very deep roots. They are connected with Merkel’s 12-year reign with the conciliatory policy of the Social Democrats, which led to the degradation of people's parties and the fragmentation of the political landscape.

People's parties stopped to represent the public interests and now are guided by the imperatives of globalization in its neoliberal version. One of the brightest examples of this approach is the opening of the borders for refugees. This policy was supported both by the Christian Democrats and the Social Democrats. “The party "Alternative for Germany", increased the number of parties in the Bundestag, has passed to the Parliament on the wave of discontent with this policy,” the analyst said.

According to the expert’s opinion, this situation provides a unique opportunity to the President of Germany. Typically the President of Germany has a minimum of power, which is a mainly representative power. Now it depends on him whether to dissolve the Parliament and announce new elections or appoint a minority government. “No one else can put pressure on him, he is guided only by his conscience, analysis of the situation in the country, and his understanding of its interests,” RISS expert concluded.

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