EU turns history into political tool

A new historical narrative about heroization of the fighters against communism emerged

In attempting to unite Europe, the European Union uses illegitimate historical revisionism techniques, but it’s a doubtful political tool, RISS expert Ekaterina Tregubova believes. She underscored that “against the background of the weakening of the pan-European unity model, the EU leadership is searching for new ideas for integration. After Eastern European countries joined the EU, the EU leadership decided to adopt their ideas of being national victims during World War II.”

“We are talking about the victims of a totalitarian communist regime. This is presented as an extremely important fact in the context of the confrontation between Western Europe and Russia. That is why such an odious historical interpretation was supported by the EU. A new historical narrative about heroization of the fighters against communism emerged,” Tregubova said. She recalled the 75th anniversary of the liberation of, during which EU leaders had signed a statement that Auschwitz was allegedly liberated by allied troops, and not by soldiers of the 1st Ukrainian Front under the command of Marshal Konev.

Tregubova also recalled the European cultural routes launched by the EU. The 38th route certified in 2019 is the Liberation Route Europe, which is aimed to show the advance of the allied forces and the liberation of Europe. The route connects 12 countries and runs through places of interest from London to Berlin. Its main landmark is Poland, which is presented as one of the countries that allegedly fell under Soviet occupation after World War II.

RISS expert underscored that on this route, the Red Army was presented exclusively as an occupation force, and the USSR was shown as a totalitarian communist regime, under which Poland and East Germany had fallen. At the same time, nothing was shown about the role of Soviet troops in the brutal battles with the Hitlerites in the winter of 1944-1945, when the allied forces were defeated during the Ardennes operation, and the Soviet government was forced, at Churchill's personal request, to begin fighting ahead of schedule. “It is not surprising that this route is actively promoting by Western politicians now,” she concluded.

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