NATO focuses on erroneous threats

NATO is focused on solving non-existing problems, RISS expert Sergey Ermakov considers. The NATO leaders of the member states understand this. He recalled the loud statement of French President E.Macron that NATO was experiencing ‘brain death’. First of all this applies to the Alliance problem of goal setting.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg pointed out that the Alliance had spent a lot of money on defense over the past five years. Now almost 130 billion dollars have been allocated for military needs. In 2024, this amount is planned to be increased. For a total of a little less than a trillion dollars spent on defense by treaty members. "This is a huge amount that is spent very inefficiently. NATO has not been able to solve a single problem," the analyst said.

There are also a range of serious internal disagreements in NATO. For example, Turkey is conducting a military operation in Syria without coordinating it with NATO. Ankara is trying to solve its security problems and develops military-technical cooperation with Russia. There is also no complete understanding between the member states and France. Macron doubts the success of NATO policy. Germany, in its turn, refuses to spend much money on defense.

"These problems do not allow NATO to pursue such a foreign policy to really contribute to the European security. NATO remains the same military Alliance that was once invented to counter the USSR," RISS expert underscored. NATO has chosen Russia as a fictitious threat. But the Alliance also may choose another fictionalenemy such as China.

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