Washington's new approach to Beijing

Sanctions are a powerful tool of American foreign policy towards China, due to which Washington has a significant advantage, RISS expert Evgeny Rumyantsev commented on the recent speech of Vice President M.Pence at the Hudson Institute. "As Pence considers, the US is quite a free country unlike China in economics. The Chinese economy primarily depends on the export and raw materials supply from abroad," he explained.

The political scientist drew attention to the fact that there is a Center for Chinese Strategy at the Hudson Institute that is headed by M.Pillsbury. He worked in Trump's transition team and advised nine US administrations on the Chinese problem. In his opinion, Beijing for a long time has been lying to Washington about the lack of clear plans for its internal economic development. "Chinese politician Deng Xiaoping once managed to establish a special contact with the specialists of the World Bank, which is an American structure. They developed an economic strategy for him. Apparently, they continue to cooperate with China now," RISS expert said.

M.Pence in his speech also indicated that "the United States has adopted a new approach to China." The United States will stop ignoring the Chinese violations of international rights and American law. The Chinese Diaspora is now in a difficult situation. Diaspora members are accused of continuing to work in the interests of China while being the US citizens. In his turn, the representative of the Ministry of Commerce of China challenged the Pence's statement that the United States restored China after the collapse during the reign of Mao Zedong, saying that the restoration was carried out by the Chinese people.

According to the US data, a trade war with the US could cost China 1% of GDP. China has already declared that it is not afraid of a trade war. "As a result, in Pence's opinion, during its confrontation with Washington, Beijing has made several mistakes. It underestimated Trump, being convinced that the American President will not move from words to deeds; overestimated the contradictions between the US and its Western allies; and overestimated the foreign policy influence of China," RISS expert pointed out.

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