Ukraine's new president has no radical differences with his predecessor

Ukraine's new president is not going to change the course of country development, RISS expert Oleg Nemensky said.

"What can V.Zelensky do before the upcoming parliamentary elections not to lose his rating? Can he improve the lives of Ukrainians? No, he can't. Can he change the course of country development to get even more people's support? No, and he's not going to. All he can do is to punish the former power. This will make his electorate happy and help him to maintain his rating. However, this doesn't depend on him, but on how Poroshenko will be able to agree with Western power centers and oligarchs on his new positioning," RISS expert underscored.

After Poroshenko's crushing election defeat his main task now is to reach an agreement with the oligarchs not to be arrested and not to lose his property, O.Nemensky believes. At the same time Ukrainian people really do want to see how Poroshenko will be punished. According to the analyst, this may happen.

The upcoming parliamentary elections are very important because the Western partners consider V. Zelensky as a person who can change the country's political system from presidential-parliamentary to parliamentary. It means that Zelensky will be a weak president not because he is inexperienced as a politician, but because he will voluntarily hand over most of his powers. RISS expert noted that such changes won't help stabilize the Ukrainian clan-oligarchic system. The transition to a parliamentary republic, in his opinion, will only strengthen the status quo.

As for the views of the newly elected president, there are no radical differences with his predecessor. "Zelensky described himself, saying that he was not an opponent for Poroshenko. Indeed, Zelensky has no radical differences with him. There will be no progress in resolving the conflict in Donbass under Zelensky. Moreover, Zelensky openly declares that he will not implement the Minsk Agreements. The same thing with Russia – there will be no fundamental improvements in relations between Russia and Ukraine," RISS expert concluded.

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