RISS Director on the Arctic Council Meeting

Director of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies Mikhail Fradkov commented on the Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting in Fairbanks, Alaska:

“The Arctic Council Meeting held in Fairbanks has reinforced the foundation for fruitful cooperation in the Arctic. This region has a huge economic potential. Its prospective use should not become a subject of controversy and, moreover, conflicts among the Arctic States. Russia proceeds from the fact that there are no particular reasons for conflicts to arise. In addition, a solid international legal basis for peaceful work in the Arctic has been created.

Russia is open to international cooperation in all areas, including the Arctic. The most important issues in the Arctic exploration should be ensuring peace and sustainable development of the Arctic regions as well as large-scale environmental events in the context of human activities in this highly vulnerable area of the planet from an ecological point of view.”

Fradkov Arctic