D.Trump’s policy in Latin America threatens with a wall construction

According to RISS expert Anna Glazova, suspension of assistance programs to particular countries and the fight against migrants in the United States can deal a serious blow to the economies of some Latin American States.

For example, “there are a lot of citizens of El Salvador among the migrants who will have to leave the United States. Money transfer transactions, which were conducted by migrants from different countries, primarily from the USA, account for 17% of its GDP, or $ 4.6 billion. Honduras and Haiti are in a similar situation, where transfer transactions account for more than 15% of GDP,” the researcher said.

This policy, in her opinion, may be dangerous for the global hegemon: “In the mid-nineteenth century, the United States declared Latin America a zone of its privileged interests. And, in fact, the USA forbade any interference in the affairs of the region from the other states within the framework of the Monroe doctrine. But Washington had some responsibility for the situation in Latin America. It provided an economic aid to some of the poorest countries, accepting migrants. And now D.Trump claimed that he didn’t want to do that anymore.”

RISS expert is convinced that in these circumstances, Latin American countries will try to diversify their political and economic ties, “despite the fact that they depend politically and economically on the United States.”

“This situation may be a good opportunity for Russia to actively interact with the countries of Latin America. Despite the challenges experienced in this region, over the past decades it shows political and economic development. According to expert opinions, it can take a leadership position in the upcoming years,” the analyst concluded.

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