Trump impeachment hearings to have consequences

The US House of Representatives has initiated its first public impeachment hearing into President Donald Trump. According to RISS expert Ilya Kravchenko, these hearings would affect not only the future of Trump's presidency but the future of the presidency itself. The impeachment hearings had revealed a lot of surprising things, he said.

The Democrats aim to discredit Trump in the upcoming US election campaign by launching the impeachment process. They want the US people to get tired of Trump and his toxic political environment. Continued political polarization could lead to further radicalization of American voters and will force Trump's opponents to participate in the elections.

"Pundits called the first public impeachment hearings boring. There were no evidence, only speculation and rumors. The impeachment has turned into a media circus. If this continues, the institution of the presidency will be discredited. After all, if every word of the president is controlled, he won't be able to conduct international policy. This situation will only lead to further chaos in US foreign and domestic policy," the analyst underscored.

Trump impeachment