Democrats don’t have a clear presidential candidate yet

The US Democratic Party failed to nominate a single presidential candidate as Republicans rally around President Trump, RISS expert Ilya Kravchenko says. According to preliminary calculations, the current President won at least 80% of the vote in the Republican primaries.

New Hampshire Democratic primary held on Tuesday is one of the most important moments of the presidential race for the Democratic Party. "Historically, if the same candidate wins both states (New Hampshire and Iowa), he becomes the main contender for the 2020 presidential nomination. But this tradition was broken a few years ago, when B.Sanders won the primaries by a solid margin, and H.Clinton became the major party candidate," Kravchenko recalled.

This time, Sanders again declared victory in the New Hampshire Democratic primary. According to RISS expert, the most curious fact was that former Vice President J.Biden, the main contender for the US presidency, had faced poor finish in the Republican primaries after slumping to fifth place. Kravchenko believes that the future Democratic caucus results will also be very intriguing. Primaries will be held in the states with the largest Latino and African-American populations. It is unclear how these conservative populations will react to P.Buttigieg, who is on top in the race now. After all, Buttigieg is the first openly gay presidential candidate married to a man, and Latinos are religious traditionalists, Kravchenko underscores.

Kravchenko draws attention to the fact that all attempts to make scientific forecast of electoral outcome are unsuccessful as the presidential race is very unpredictable. "The most interesting results will come on Super Tuesday, March 3, when voters in 14 states will take to the polls again. Billionaire M.Bloomberg, the candidate who represents the classic oligarchic American clan, will also take part in the upcoming elections. I wonder if he will be able to force delegates to vote for him by bribing them," RISS expert pointed out.

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