About the forum «Public opinion in contemporary Crimea»

The forum «Public opinion in contemporary Crimea», organized by the Black Sea Information-analytical Center of RISS, took place on October 27, 2015 in Sudak (Republic of Crimea). It was attended by over 60 representatives of government, public, national-cultural, and youth organizations operating on the peninsula.

Opening the forum, deputy RISS Director, Doctor of Historical Sciences T. Guzenkova noted the importance of the public opinion issue in Crimea in the conditions of integration into Russian society. It was stressed that there was a high moral elevation in Crimea, associated with the reunification of the peninsula with Russia, and new perspectives in socio-economic development, which were opened in the context of the implementation of the Federal Target Program until 2020.

According to T. Guzenkova, the Crimean public, including the expert community, must interact with the other regions of Russia with significant positive experience of cooperation between authorities and public opinion. This is important as there were some attempts from outside to influence public opinion through the dissemination of «black myths» about some negative consequences for Russia after its reunification with Crimea. Therefore, the truthful information about the processes in Crimea can help «to build community immunity» to this kind of speculation.

According to senior researcher, PhD in Historical Sciences S. Usova, today the public opinion in Sevastopol is formed in conditions of deep changes of the usual way of life in all spheres, including housing and utilities, education, and healthcare. Public opinion places high demands on the activities of local authorities, but it is not focused on the involvement of citizens in the transformation process.

Head of Regional Security Problems Sector, PhD in Technical Sciences, I. Nikolaychuk said that the Crimean events were of great interest abroad. During the «Crimean spring», according to the system «Rossiya v mire», there were 700 messages about events on the peninsula in the world mass media, especially in the USA, Germany, France, UK, and Japan. Therefore, the successful development of Crimea is essential for the formation of objective public opinion abroad.

Summing up the forum, T. Guzenkova said that the discussion would contribute to the formation of civil society in Crimea and its constructive interaction with authorities. She offered to create an expert platform on a regular basis under RISS auspices for public opinion studies in Crimea. The forum participants supported this idea.

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