Transformation of European political landscape and parties under the new world order

Liberal democracy in Europe is under threat

The world community is witnessing sharp changes in the party and political architecture across the European continent, RISS experts of Centre for Research Coordination consider. People are tired of the dominant ideology of liberal democracy: the popularity of traditional political forces is declining and radical parties are gaining success. This situation appears both in the internal discourse of the EU member states and in the pan-European scale.

There has been a steady decline in the popularity of social democratic parties in the last decade in Europe. "Political forces with such an ideology dominated in 10 of the 15 EU countries in 2000. Today social democrats have rarely commanded so much power. This is most clearly seen by changes in the political preferences in France, Germany, Italy, and Great Britain," the experts explained.

An important factor that influences the change of European political landscape and parties is the strengthening of socio-economic differentiation in the European Union. "People's dissatisfaction with the growing social inequality is reflected in their active desire to change the current political system by joining non-mainstream parties that oppose the globalist project of governance. Europeans are trying to blame migrants for the socio-economic problems," RISS experts pointed out.

When the world order is being transformed, traditional political forces are facing with the need to respond to the needs of the population. They are changing ideological values in order to remain in power. "But people are tired of the current European political system. They are no longer ready to support politicians who have discredited themselves by their inability to solve urgent problems. As a result, a steady decline in the popularity of traditional parties in European countries occurs while supporting new political forces that challenge the dominant model of Western liberal democracy," the experts underscored.

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