RISS Director on South Korea's Presidential Elections

The country voted for the right to conduct independent foreign policy

RISS Director M. Fradkov commented on the results of the presidential elections in South Korea: “Speaking of the global impact of South Korean elections, the country voted for the right to conduct independent foreign policy. People voted for a peaceful, diplomatic solution to the North Korean problem that is inextricably linked to the hopes of citizens for the improvement of the economic situation and restore the reputation of the government after the corruption scandal.

The Americans are implementing the policy of "pressure and involvement" not only to North Korea but to South Korea. During the visit to Seoul U.S. Vice President Mike Pence stressed the strength of the American alliance with South Korea. After that the American missile system on the Korean Peninsula deployed, and the US has demanded $1 billion from South Korea for the placement of the THAAD missile system on its territory. Then the USA announced negotiations on amendments to the Free Trade Agreement between the US and South Korea. Thus, voting for Moon Jae-in, the citizens of South Korea showed their disagreement with the fact that their country is the object ball in American pool on the Korean Peninsula.”

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