USA breaks the contract basis for armament limitation

US President D.Trump offered Russia and China to eliminate nuclear weapons. RISS expert Vladimir Evseev noted that such an idea of "global zero" is not new and was previously supported by former US President B.Obama. "This idea is very attractive for Washington. US has the greatest potential of conventional weapons. So, if all the countries eliminate their nuclear weapons, it is clear who will be the world leader," the analyst explained.

RISS expert considers that Washington is likely to continue the space militarization regardless of the nuclear disarmament process. After all, this is the pillar of American domination. USA also breaks the contract basis for armament limitation. For example, the possibility of extending the Prague Treaty on the Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms of 2010 is constantly decreasing.

In expert opinion, time is now playing against the US. Previously signed agreements between Washington and Moscow did not take into account the potential of sea cruise missiles, in particular, Tomahawk missiles. With such military superiority, the United States could reduce other weapons. But today Russia also has such missiles, and the world hegemon is deprived of such dominance. Another America's rival, China, is actively increasing its potential in the field of naval forces.

"China is actively developing its aircraft carrier programme now. This means that China has four carrier strike groups. This is a real challenge to the United States, which it will have to fight," the analyst said.

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