Value split in US society grows deeper

Americans are increasingly divided

Value split in US society grows deeper, RISS expert Mikhail Alkhimenkov considers. "The situation has not yet reached an unsolvable stage, but this growing divide in American society may lead to a crisis," he said.

According to him, the United States as a cultural and civilizational community is entering a period of crisis. There is growing dissatisfaction among Americans with the socio-economic conditions of life. People criticize the state of infrastructure, public spending, and access to education. The differences between Democrats and Republicans lie in various issues like the perception of the current US president and the approaches of the parties to domestic political tasks. This complicated the political decision-making process a lot, M.Alkhimenkov underscored.

He drew attention to the fact that Americans had become more liberal. The Democratic Party, guided by the interests of the least prosperous segments of society, is gradually becoming left in its political views. "Over the past few years, the biggest changes within the liberal camp have been connected with the combating racial discrimination and increasing role of the government in the economy and society. Although the Republican Party has also become more radical in its political views than at the beginning of the century, the majority of their supporters in many issues have the same opinion as a decade and a half ago," M.Alkhimenkov explained.

RISS expert came to the conclusion that when a representative of the Democratic Party becomes president, the Democrats' response to the policy of the current US president will be quite tough (for example, they will try to cancel D.Trump's measures to limit immigration), which can lead to a crisis in American society. "The upcoming changes in US policy will not just be another change of ruling parties, but an attempt of liberal forces to marginalize Trumpism as an ideology," he concluded.

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