US Democrats frighten Americans by Russia to win the election

The release of a new report on the Russian influence on American democracy and global processes, announced by U.S. Senator Ben Cardin, is the first element of internal political struggle in the USA before the upcoming Congress elections, RISS expert Sergey MIKHAILOV said.

“Attacks on Russia in this report are equally united with the criticism of Trump. Moscow is blamed for all the problems, while Trump is criticized for the fact that he ignores the obvious threat to U.S. national security. He is called short-sighted”, the analyst said.

S.Mikhailov believes that such emphasis on the “Russian topic” is associated with the Democrats’ statement about the fact that “the struggle against Russia has gained sufficient resonance in American society to use it as leverage to win the next election.”

The problem, according to Americanist, is that “the report doesn’t just summarize the accusations against Russia; it proposes new steps against it. The report actually involves the mobilization of the U.S. bureaucracy and U.S. allies in the fight against Russian influence”. The Senator proposes to establish new Advisory bodies in NATO to expand its fight against Russia. “We are talking about the institutionalization of the fight against the so-called Russian influence to an even greater level”, the expert noted.

According to the specialist, while the American electorate is developing the theme of struggle against Russia, U.S. allies have already started to get tired of this anti-Russian hysteria. “This group in American foreign policy segment begins to contradict their own interests, they, roughly speaking, go too far”, RISS expert concluded.

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