US missile strike against Syria is a media campaign

The recent missile strike of the United States and its allies on Syria was a media campaign, as there were neither casualties nor destroyed military buildings reported, RISS expert Vladimir FITIN said. “Apparently, Trump took into account concerns expressed by sober-minded Pentagon generals who advised him to avoid the Russian armed forces. This could lead to an unpredictable development of the situation”, he added.

According to analyst, the main goal of this media campaign was “to show up that Trump is strong not only in his rhetoric. He said he would carry out the attack – and he conducted it. This situation takes place against the background of serious internal problems of the US President. While his opponents are actively looking for links between Trump and Russia during his election campaign, there is also an investigation into Trump’s sex scandal. That is an unprecedented situation – a year and a half has passed since the presidential election, but the pressure against Trump is reaching crushing proportions”, V.Fitin said.

In expert’s opinion, the situation has shown that all Western countries line up in a row and pledge their loyalty to the chief – the United States. They behave like banderlogs who look at the Python Kaa and obey him without any sigh of hesitation.

“By this attack, Americans once again claimed that the rumors about the termination of a unipolar world are unfounded. Everything is determined by force in our world”, RISS expert concluded.

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