A difficult year for Syria ends on positive note

The White House is largely responsible for the difficult year 2018 for the Middle East, RISS expert Elena Suponina said. In her opinion, the US actions in the region have aggravated the situation.

For example, the Palestinian problem has worsened largely due to the transfer of the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. In addition, Washington's unilateral withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran despite the protests of his partners has aggravated the situation, too. It is also too early to celebrate the withdrawal of US troops from Syria, as Trump made an unclear statement on this process. And it is still unclear how many US military advisers will remain in Syria.

Trump's statement about the defeat of ISIS is also doubtful. The Jaysh group, like the al-Nusra Front, is ideologically Osama bin Laden's successor, which was put forward by the Americans. Moreover, the USA decided to fight against the ISIS only when Russia opposed the terrorists. The Pentagon representatives reported that there are many ISIS troops on the territory controlled by the Americans.

According to RISS expert, 2018 was a very significant year for Syria. Eastern Ghouta, Quneitra, and Yarmouk came under the Syrian control. We can say that this difficult year for Syria ends on positive note. If earlier it remained unclear how to return Aleppo under Syrian control and to prevent missile attacks of Eastern Ghouta militants, now there is the need for reconstruction of cities and return of refugees. In addition, the West is no longer talking about the need to change the Syrian government.

In expert's opinion, the confrontation between the US and its allies with Iran will be another problem in the upcoming year. The conflict in Yemen has not yet been resolved. The Americans welcomed the beginning of this campaign despite the Russian warnings. The other problems are also unresolved: reforms in the Arab countries, the "deal of the century" on Palestine, and the destroyed Syria, E.Suponina concluded.

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