"Committee 4.0": the struggle against Trump and Russia reached a new level

The United States established a "Committee to investigate Russia"

The establishment of a "Committee to investigate Russia" has become a significant and not an ordinary event, as it may seem at first glance. The emergence of the Committee makes us to take a closer look at cleverly disguised transformation of the idea of American messianism. The blind sides of the Committee are: a military historian and neoconservative Max Boot; publicist, writer, neo-conservative, widely known for his extremely radical position on key issues of world politics David Frum; Norman Ornstein, a researcher at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), which is a source of manpower of the American neocons, creating the world order under the PAX AMERICANA brand; a former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. To cut it short, the Committee consists of the real soldiers of the cold war!

All Committee members are brought together by the tough opposition to Donald Trump. The former enemies of communism and Russia think that Trump is the Kremlin’s appointee and put under question his legitimacy. Russia for these "experts in the fight against the USSR" is not just a threat to US national security, but also the personification of the "existential evil" and the enemy of the entire so-called "free world."

The purpose of the Committee is to not only use the entire arsenal of Hollywood in the information-psychological war, but to overthrow Trump by creating the political conditions and the appropriate psychological atmosphere for a radical revision of the US-Russian relations. Earlier such committees were created in order to undermine any cooperation between our countries.

"Committee on the Present Dangers" was created in 1950, 1976, and 2003. These committees changed American politics three times by spreading aggressive militarism. Its organizational "core" is the most irreconcilable political entity of the American establishment – neoconservatives. The first Committee had an impact on the adoption of Harry Truman of legendary policy document during the cold war era, which determined the concepts of American politics for decades. This document stated the goals, objectives, and tools of American policy towards the Soviet Union: an uncompromising opposition to the Soviet Union to the death. The second committee formed the spirit of reaganism - the spirit of victory in the cold war at any price. It consisted of such stars of American politics, as Paul Nice, Norman Podhoretz, Elmo Zumwalt, Eugene Rostow, Jeane Kirkpatrick, and others. After that, many of them joined the administration of Ronald Reagan.

The third committee was established during the presidency of George Bush. It formed the American discourse for military intervention in the Middle East with a goal to maintain U.S. global dominance. This team included Senator Joseph Lieberman, former CIA Director James Woolsey, a former adviser to Ronald Reagan for national security Robert MacFarlane, and others. Today’s "Committee 4.0" most likely will be reinforced by influential congressmen, representatives of major U.S. transnational capital and the military industrial complex, just chronic Russophobes such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham. It seems that the American elite are making its strategic choice.

Is it possible to start a new cold war with the prospect of victory? It’s unlikely. The world has changed radically. The United States already have a lot of effective opponents except Russia. And the modern hegemony of democracy is unlikely to have a guaranteed success. The whole world stands on the "right side of history."

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