Trump's political career under threat due to mass riots

Presidential election now depends on Trump’s next steps to ease tensions

Unfortunately, no one has ever tried to solve the problem of racism in the United States, RISS expert Ilya Kravchenko says. “US officials have made strenuous efforts to resolve this issue over the past years, but this only led to a lot more rioting across the country. We remember events in Los Angeles in the early 90s and mass demolition in late 2014. Trump has always been trying to establish better relationship with African-Americans, but now he has actually been thrown back to the beginning of his presidency during race riots in Charlottesville,” he outlined.

Current race riots that started in Minneapolis are spreading like wildfire across America and characterized by a higher degree of violence, looting and vandalism. Kravchenko recalled that a curfew was imposed in Washington and Trump had been briefly taken to underground bunker as protests grew outside White House, according to reports.

In RISS expert’s opinion, Democrats will use the current unsteady situation against the US president. At the same time, mass riots are taking place in many Democrat-led cities around the country. This means that Democrats will unlikely be able to win upcoming elections if they don’t gain enough control over the protesters. Trump also can't overreact either, as this may lead to an even greater tension.

“Now the further development of the situation depends on Trump’s response to unrest. During the riots in Charlottesville, he failed to settle tensions. Undoubtedly, the USA will also blame other countries for what is happening. Some US officials have already stated that Russians might be backing or financing the violent nationwide demonstrations. Washington is trying to cover up its failures mobilizing public opinion against the other countries by accusing them of interfering in the US internal affairs. The upcoming presidential election now depends largely on Trump’s next steps to ease tensions,” Kravchenko concluded.

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