US-China compromise a long way off

President Donald Trump said that trade talks with China were "going very well". Even if the parties sign a trade agreement, it will only be a palliative measure, RISS expert Vyacheslav Kholodkov considers. "US-China talks focused on the huge US trade deficit with China. Beijin is going to increase purchases of American goods. The parties were unlikely to discuss the rapid technological breakthrough of China, which threatens the USA with the loss of its dominant positions. China is a growing power that will not allow itself to be slowed down," he explained.

According to both the American and Chinese media, US and China made some progress in trade talks. Washington is going to make some concessions in trade truce with Beijin. "The US refused to impose increased duties on Chinese goods on October 15. The White House even lifted some restrictions on imports of high-tech products of China’s leading national tech champion Huawei," the analyst said.

RISS expert also noted that at the same time Washington was taking measures to tighten its trade and economic actions against Beijing. "The United States has blacklisted 28 Chinese companies that allegedly put pressure on Uighurs. The USA is trying to act as defender of China's Muslims, but the US has bombed Muslims in Iraq," he recalled.

US-China economic growth is slowing down as a result of trade wars. Both sides are extremely interested in preventing such an economic slowdown. The United States is suffering an unprecedented decline in the manufacturing sector now. The USA has also lost 2 thousand manufacturing jobs. This was very negative for the American economy, and especially for D.Trump before the upcoming elections, RISS expert underscored. The main achievement for any American President is a growing economy. In addition, Washington needs at least a temporary truce with China to be in a stronger position during the negotiations with the European Union.

According to the analyst, US-China relationship would be increasingly tense. This is not only Trump’s tough approach towards Beijin, both Democrats and Republicans are taking a tougher tone with China. "It does not matter who will be the next American president, as the US-China confrontation will continue to gain momentum," he pointed out.

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