Washington is not Satisfied with the Development of the Situation in Syria

The US found it necessary to warn Syria and Russia about the violation of their interests 

The White House Press Secretary S. Spicer on June 26 claimed that the U.S. got information on the preparation of the official Syrian authorities a new strike with the use of chemical weapons, which “would have led to the killing of civilians, including innocent children.” It was also alleged that Americans have data which indicate the same preparatory actions of Bashar al-Assad government, as in the case of alleged use of chemical ammunition in April this year during the bombing of the terrorists’ warehouse in the village of Khan Sheyhun.

Although there was no evidence of use of such weapons by the Syrian army, the United States on April 7 launched a military strike on a Syrian government airbase, thereby demonstrating an iron determination to avoid their further success. At the same time, S. Hersh published an article in Germany, in which he claimed that D. Trump had been reported that there was no use of chemical weapons, citing sources in the American intelligence services.

It is noteworthy that, according to State Department Spokesperson H. Nauert, the United States will not present evidence supporting these new “revelations”, as it is intelligence information.

Two more things: first, D. Trump’s ritual words that in the case of use of chemical weapons “the price for Assad will be very high,” and second, the President of France Emmanuel Macron who believes that without his participation nobody can solve the world problems. As stated in Macron’s office, during his telephone conversation with the American president on June 27, they “discussed the need for a common response in case of chemical attack.” On June 22, E. Macron, has already said that France is ready to use force in case of use of chemical weapons by Damascus.

New Washington’s broadcast warning message causes a lot of concern because it gives the “green light” to any provocations by groups opposing the government of Syria.

First of all, the success of the Syrian army is obvious now. The Syrian army under the help of Russian troops and military advisers advancing at a number of strategic directions, especially in the area of Deir ez-Zor, where there are the large oil deposits situated, and whose control would ensure the establishment of important corridor connecting Iran, Iraq, and Syria. The army of Bashar al-Assad seized Resafa as a key point on the South-West of Raqqa, cutting off U.S.-backed forces from the oil fields of this district, as well as Arak, where the basic oil Islamists’ revenues formed.

In the South of Syria pro-government forces established an edge contact with the Iraqi army, blocking the promotion of U.S.-backed groups. This situation doesn’t suit the United States. In addition, G20 summit in Hamburg is approaching, where should be held the first meeting of the Russian and American presidents, although the agenda of the meeting is still not announced.

In this regard, the United States considered it necessary to urgently warn Syria and Russia from the infringement of their interests on the Syrian track, and to demonstrate its tough stance ahead of a possible meeting at the highest level. Well, the reason - hypothetical chemical weapons or anything else - doesn't matter.

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