Cuba preparing for "all-people war" and economic difficulties

Cuba is preparing for a "all-people war", for the first time over many decades considering the danger of military aggression by the United States not as a potential, but as a real threat in the context of unprecedented US pressure on Venezuela, RISS expert Igor Pshenichnikov said. In addition, Cuba is taking urgent measures to survive the expected blockade by Washington. This can be concluded from the speech of the first Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba Raul Castro at an emergency session of the Parliament of the Republic.

According to RISS expert, the Cuban leadership hasn't used such disturbing rhetoric since the American mercenary invasion in Playa Giron in April 1961. R.Castro underscored that "the current US government and its hegemonic ambitions for the region are the most serious threat to the peace, security and well-being of Latin America and the Caribbean in the last five decades".

The international situation of Cuba is considered by its leadership through the prism of the US intention to overthrow the legitimate President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro, I.Pshenichnikov believes. The Cuban leader considers the US threat to Venezuela as a threat to the whole region.

I.Pshenichnikov noted that on May 1, Washington is planning to bring into force the suspended Helms-Burton Act of 1996, which provides for strict financial and economic sanctions against third countries in the case of their trade and economic cooperation with Cuba. The law also legalizes compensation claims by American owners of various properties nationalized in Cuba after the 1959 revolution. The Helms-Burton Act is aimed at curbing the flow of foreign investment that Cuba needs.

In expert's opinion, the Helms-Burton Act will hurt not only Cuba, but also many European companies operating on the island. In this regard, the European Commission has threatened the United States that the EU will initiate all possible retaliatory measures, including the confiscation of American companies in Europe, to compensate for the damage caused to European companies in Cuba.

What will Cuba do in this "turbulent scenario"? First of all, it will take diplomatic action. According to the Cuban leader, the country informs the US administration "with maximum clarity" that Cuba is not afraid of threats.

Secondly, according to R.Castro, in recent months a whole range of measures have been taken to strengthen the combat potential and readiness of the Revolutionary armed forces and the entire defense system of the country within the framework of the strategic concept of "nationwide war". I.Pshenichnikov noted that for obvious reasons the Cuban leader did not specify what measures had been taken. However, it is known that the concept of "nationwide war", developed during the reign of Fidel Castro, involves all the people, forces, means, and resources of the country to resist external aggression.

Thirdly, economic measures are also being taken. R.Castro said that he had already took "some decisions aimed at the improving of economy, overcoming new obstacles, which are emerging because of the economic and financial blockade, without abandoning the ongoing development programs." The Cuban leader warned Cubans that the economic situation in the country could get worse in the upcoming months. And now there is an instruction to redouble efforts to increase domestic production, in particular, food production, to review all expenditure items, and to increase the efficiency of energy use.

R.Castro noted that Cuba had already proved for 60 years that it was able to resist enemies and achieve victory. Cuban people have no other choice, RISS expert concluded.

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