NATO needs a "foreign enemy" such as Russia to prolong its own existence

NATO is trying to create an enemy image in the face of Russia to prolong its own existence, RISS expert Sergey Ermakov considers. "NATO's development is clearly in line with the foreign policy of the USA, which seeks to become a global leader," he commented on Stoltenberg's visit to Washington.

"NATO is an important tool that allows the world hegemon to conduct its foreign policy in Europe. In Stoltenberg's speeches during the visit, he has repeatedly expressed the idea that one of the most important tasks of the North Atlantic Alliance is to deter Russia," he stressed.

According to RISS expert, the main purpose of Stoltenberg's visit is to assure American colleagues that "their allies are ready to invest in defense, to modernize their armed forces, to develop infrastructure, and to conduct joint military exercises."

The expert noted that NATO to hold large-scale military exercises "United Trident" in the near future. "More than 30,000 servicemen will take part in military exercises that is quite large-scale. The number of such exercises far exceeds the Russian ones. The number of countries participating in joint military exercises has been increasing recently. Such maneuvers are focused on countering the military threat allegedly coming from the East. In fact, all these exercises are aimed at the armed conflict with the Russian Federation," he said.

NATO's concerns related to Russian military exercises "Vostok 2018" the expert proposes to consider in the light of the information war. "The Russian maneuvers are conducted far from the borders of the NATO countries, beyond the Ural Mountains. The Alliance seeks to prolong its own existence. There were some questions raised about the NATO prospects during its last summit. This summit was held against the backdrop of a serious trade war between Washington and its closest European allies," S.Ermakov concluded.

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