The USA takes efforts to stop the Nord Stream 2

Trump is ready to use any means, including military-political methods in order to make the USA a major energy power, RISS expert Vyacheslav Kholodkov said. The American President will do everything to intimidate his European partners with the so-called “Russian threat” and termination of Russian gas deliveries to derail the Nord Stream 2.

The mass media published information about the visit of the special representative of the U.S. President on energy issues in Europe, and primarily to Ukraine. During her stay in Kiev, the representative claimed that Washington gives the priority to the European energy security stressing the readiness of the USA to increase sales of LNG, as “it will be very dangerous, if Europe depends on only one gas supplier such as Russia”.

In expert’s opinion, this visit took place within implementation of Trump’s law signed on 2 August. The law imposed sanctions against Russia, Iran, and North Korea. In fact, Trump's energy policy contradicts Russia's national interests in the economic sphere, and it is very important for our country now to maintain the reputation of a reliable trading partner for Europe. In addition, Russia should proceed with geographic diversification entering new markets including pipeline gas supplies, primarily in the East. It is also necessary to finish the construction of the gas pipeline Power of Siberia 1, which will provide the possibility to import gas to China, and to complete negotiations on the construction of the gas pipeline Power of Siberia 2.

“American LNG production is insignificant yet, however this doesn’t mean that we have no reason for concern in the future. If the United States follows the plan of becoming a major energy power, they will become the third power among the top three LNG exporters after Australia and Qatar by 2020”, the expert noted. We shouldn’t forget that if America dominates the gas market, in case of disagreement with Europe, it will not hesitate to use its “energy weapon” of sanctions banning the export of oil and gas.

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