Five years of Kiev's war against Donbass

Kiev has been fighting against Donbass for five years. RISS expert Oleg Nemensky believes that now Ukraine no longer needs Donbass. "The only option that would suit Kiev is a blitzkrieg in the spring of 2014. Ukraine has neither the money nor the ability to restore republics of Donetsk and Luhansk. Kiev also doesn't need people that live there," he said.

In his opinion, the ongoing military conflict in Donbass is beneficial to the current President Poroshenko. The war was aimed at maintaining tension and distracting people from real problems. He pointed out that Donbass war is a huge tragedy without end.

RISS expert noted that there was a real identity revolution during the civil war in Donbass. The war has radically changed the human self-consciousness. O.Nemensky recalled the speech of the former DPR head A.Zakharchenko at the parade in 2014. "Look at these people. They killed Ukrainians in us," DPR head said, pointing to captured Ukrainian soldiers. The expert added that before the military conflict, the majority of DPR and LPR people defined themselves as Ukrainians.

Ukraine has abandoned its people. Kiev no longer needs Donbass. Ukraine refuses to fulfill its obligations towards Donbass people, it doesn't want to talk to Donbass representatives, denies them the right to vote, leaving millions of its citizens. RISS expert underscored that this happens due to the fact that the current Ukrainian government follows the Bandera way of development of the country. This way means a "radical struggle against all Russian" and accelerated integration with the West. The Russian mission in such conditions is to create an atmosphere of trust in relationship with Donbass people and to develop a strategy that could make their lives much better.

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