Kosovo army – a new threat to the Balkans and Europe

The Kosovo Parliament has approved a package of bills that converts the limited Kosovo Security Forces into a professional army. The Kosovo army is being created due to the fact that Kosovo Albanians are ready to start the Greater Albania project. This is a threat to Balkans' stability, RISS expert Igor Pshenichnikov believes.

The West pretends that the creation of the Kosovo army may lead to a new escalation in the region. NATO and the EU even formally expressed concern about this. But this is an ordinary cynicism. The creation of the Kosovo army is the result of purposeful activity of the USA and NATO, I.Pshenichnikov pointed out. It is the United States and NATO that contribute to the creation of the Kosovo army to strengthen their military control over the Western Balkans and to threaten military action against Serbia. The Kosovo’s US-backed army will be ready to confront Serbia, which has not yet reconciled with the loss of Kosovo, RISS expert considers.

The creation of the Kosovo army is a gross violation of the UN Security Council resolution 1244 adopted in 1999, which formally established the Serbian sovereignty over Kosovo and Metohija, and recognizes the international KFOR forces as the only legitimate military force in this region.

In Pristina, the main source of power is not the President or Parliament, but the US Embassy. It is obvious that the creation of the Kosovo army is under Washington's control. But the big question is who actually uses each other more for their own purposes: Americans or Kosovo Albanians. If you look at the situation through the prism of the Greater Albania idea, it appears to be completely different, RISS expert said.

I.Pshenichnikov recalled that Pristina has already asked Tirana to issue Albanian passports to all Kosovars. In other words, Kosovo calls Albania to join this Serbian province. And the Albanian authorities do not rule out the possibility of unification between Albania and Kosovo. Hashim Thaci claimed that if the EU "closes the door on Kosovo, all Albanians in the region would unite into one state."

The creation of the Kosovo army is a clear attempt of Kosovo Albanians to dictate their terms to everybody for the sake of far-reaching plans for the Greater Albania. This is a serious threat of a new military conflict in the Balkans, which will involve the whole Europe in it, I.Pshenichnikov concluded.

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