RISS expert on Russia-U.S. relations

At an event hosted by the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies (Studies), a think tank established by the President of the Russian Federation, Konstantin Blokhin, an expert in Russia-U.S. relations, made the following comment.

"The preconditions for such a normalization [of Russia-U.S. relations] are simply nonexistent. Trump himself, since assuming the presidency, has visibly changed – he began to be part of the political mainstream establishment. He became even more aggressive than the previous administration. The Congress has an anti-Russian bias. So, by and large, we don't have friends in the U.S. … [American] Liberal interventionists and neocons perceive Russia as a revanchist state, which impedes the U.S. from forming liberal world order, where Washington has a lead. So, they want to punish Russia… The U.S. is entering a turbulent period of losing its might. Simultaneously, the U.S. does not want to lose its positions – on the contrary, it seeks to prove to the entire world that it remains a hegemon… Russia and the U.S. are [again] starting a very familiar period in their relations – a period of confrontation. This period is clear and comprehensible to us – we know how to act, how to contain the U.S. Our main goal is – together with China - to preserve the world order from relapsing into chaos".

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