International conference «Spiritual bonds between Russia and Bulgaria in the past and present» took place in Samara

International conference «Spiritual bonds between Russia and Bulgaria in the past and present», organized by the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies together with Samara Metropolis of the Russian Orthodox Church took place on July 3-4, 2015 in Samara. 

RISS was represented by L.Reshtnikov, the Director of the Institute, M.Smolin, the Deputy Director, P.Multatuli, the Head of the Sector for Analysis and Assessment, N.Bondarev, the Deputy of the Head of the Sector for the European countries, research fellow А.Serebrich and А.Anashkin, an expert of the Administrative Department.

The purpose of the scientific forum was to assist the convergence of Russia with fraternal Slavic and Christian nations, acquaint Bulgarian colleagues to Russian shrines, discuss a number of scientific questions and strengthen spiritual and cultural bonds between the two countries.

Plenary meeting of the conference was held on July 3, 2015 in Iversky Female Monastery in Samara.

Leader of the Russophile movement in Bulgaria Nikolay Malinov donated to the Monastery a copy of the regiment flag, which was made by nuns of the monastery for Bulgarian rebels during Russo-Turkish War (1877-1878).

The conference was of great interest: the meetings were attended by the clergy of the metropolis, scientists, teaching staff, students, artists, members of the media.

After the conference, L.Reshetnikov and N.Malinov together with Metropolitan bishop of Samara and Syzran Sergiy opened an exhibition «Spiritual bond between Russia and Greece. Valaam and Afon» in Kazan Monastery, as a part of the festivities dedicated to the Millennium of the Russian monastic life in Afon.