Trump impeachment inquiry polarizes American society

Trump impeachment inquiry enters protracted but most crucial stage. If Democrats want to move forward with impeaching Trump, they will have to do a tremendous amount of work, RISS expert Ilya Kravchenko believes.

The House of Representatives is likely to vote in favor of impeachment. This will trigger a trial in the Republican-controlled Senate. It is unclear how long the impeachment process would take in the U.S. Senate. "We should not forget that to remove the president from office it is necessary to gain two-thirds of the votes of senators, which is unlikely to be able to do now," the expert said.

The U.S. electorate is so polarized that it is unclear whether the majority opposes impeachment or not, I.Kravchenko points out. Different polls are giving contradictory results. "It is obvious that impeachment trial draws a lot of attention. Democrats are trying to take Trump down with "the lying and the spying." But American citizens can just get tired of this. In this case, Trump will be able to use this situation against Democrats," he said.

RISS expert also drew attention to the fact that Democratic media painted impeachment as the only way to save U.S. democracy and was trying to manipulate American voters. "On the one hand, American people are happy that they are involved in such a political gamble. From their point of view, this is how American democracy works. But U.S. citizens are already beginning to get very tired of all this," I.Kravchenko underscored.

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