World War II in the historical memory of Caucasus nations

On September 3, Rostov-on-Don held a roundtable «World War II in Historical Memory of Caucasus Nations» dedicated to the role of the most disastrous war in the history of Russia and the whole world in public, political and cultural conscience of the North Caucasus nations. The event was arranged to coincide with the 70-th anniversary of the end f the Great Patriotic and the Second World War.

The roundtable was organized by the RISS Black Sea and Caspian regional information and analytical Center. Participation list of the roundtable included RISS experts: prof. Ozerov А.А., prof. Chernous V.V., Ph.D. Averjanov А.V., Kramorova Е.N., Deputy Director for Science of the Institute of Social and Economic Humanitarian Research, Ph.D Krinko Е.F., chief research fellow of the Complex Research Institute, Ph.D Akaev V.H., prof, member of Academy of Sciences, chief research fellow Ahmadov Y.Z., prof, Dean of the Historical Faculty of the Adyge State University Pocheshhov N.А., professor of the North Ossetian State University Dzydzoev V.D., research fellow of the Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography Gadzhieva Z.N., professor of the North Caucasus Research Center Avdulov N.S., prof. Baranov А.V., prof. Skorik А.P., Ph.D Kramorov N.I., Ph.D, prof. Matveev G.A., Ph.D Serikov А.V., Ph.D Trapsh N., Ph.D Schukona Е.L., Ph.D Vaskov М.Y.

A discussion was organized to reveal examples of perversion of World War II history and historical memory of the nations of Caucasus and Russia as one of the basic pillars of national identity, and find examples of counteraction to falsification attempts in the South of Russia.

Participants of the roundtable discussed issues connected with contribution of the Caucasus nations to the Great Victory, collaboration in the South of Russia, «new nationalism» in postmodern era and perversion of the results of World War II, teaching history at schools and universities, the role of business in commemoration work, social researches on state of historical memory among young people in the South of Russia, etc.

Experts noted that memory of World War II and the Great Patriotic War is still an important element in the system of civil worldview of the nations of Russia, especially in the North Caucasus, where historical memory is traditionally strong.

The key role of the research community is to counteract historical falsification and instil patriotism in younger generation with examples of the Great Patriotic War exploits.

World War II Caucasus