US fomenting color revolution in Venezuela

It is obvious that the USA now is making another attempt to launch a new round of color revolution in Venezuela, RISS expert Igor Pshenichnikov said. After the failed military coup, there are mass street riots that are taking place in several cities of the country, the participants of which are actively provoking law enforcement forces. No one has any doubt that these actions are inspired by the United States of America. US Vice President Mike Pence in his address to the leader of the opposition Venezuelan Parliament declared his support and appealed "to restore democracy". Which means, in other words, to overthrow the legitimate President of the country.

Washington doesn't care much about the novelty of its show: everything is done according to the pattern that the US has already used to start color revolutions in other countries, RISS expert underscored. The Venezuelan armed forces, for example, managed to neutralize the militants who planned to open fire on the demonstrators. The same tactic, as it is known, was used in Kiev in 2014 during the riots that led to the change of power in Ukraine.

The USA has used a whole arsenal of available measures of pressure on Venezuela: economic sanctions, external diplomatic pressure with the help of its allies in Latin America, efforts to start a revolution, assassination attempts on the Venezuelan President and, finally, the street riots that we are watching now, the analyst said.

If the next round of the color revolution in Venezuela doesn't be successful for Washington, we cannot exclude serious military provocations against the Bolivarian Republic by its two neighbors – Colombia and Brazil, which are the main executors of the US plans for military and political pressure on Caracas. We should take into account the possibility that Washington will force these countries to provoke a military conflict with Venezuela, which, according to American "strategists", may lead to the overthrow of President N.Maduro and changes in the Venezuelan domestic and foreign policy, I.Pshenichnikov concluded.

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