NATO holds frequent exercises on Russian border

NATO began Anakonda-2018 drills in Poland after the military exercises Trident Juncture finished. RISS expert Sergey Ermakov noted that the Alliance conducts so-called "permanent exercises". "Officially, there are more than 100 military maneuvers and multinational military games under NATO auspices during this year. In total, about 250 exercises with NATO participation are held annually," he said.

According to him, NATO is conducting large-scale full-fledged preparations for military aggression, strengthening the skills of organization of reinforcements and expeditionary operations. For example, Trident Juncture exercises practiced anti-submarine warfare training against Russia. "The maneuvers was held by James G. Foggo III, a US Navy admiral who currently serves as commander of US Naval Forces Europe. This is an indicator of the military actions from the sea," the analyst explained. Trident Juncture was also aimed at the accumulation of large military capabilities, in particular, the formation of large warehouses of weapons, a significant part of which was promptly transferred from the United States.

Locations of the exercises were also chosen not by chance, the expert pointed out. NATO believes that by cutting Russia off from the Atlantic, it will gain a military advantage. And the fact that these military maneuvers were held in Norway, involving Sweden and Finland, signals that the plans of the Alliance are to project military force to the Baltic and the Arctic. "Conducting such military games will inevitably lead to political confrontation. But in the future, such "games" may lead to war conflicts," the analyst said.

NATO maneuvers