Experts of Chelyabinsk Information-analytical Center held a meeting with officers of the air base "Shagol"

The meeting of D. Devyatkin, Head of the RISS Chelyabinsk Information-analytical Center, and E. Sytykh, expert of the center, with officers of the air force base "Shagol" was held on August 21, 2015.
D. Devyatkin at the meeting with the officers D. Devyatkin at the meeting with the officers

During the meeting, D. Devyatkin presented the work of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, and E. Sytykh made the report on the topic "Russia in the context of geopolitical threats." Experts covered a wide range of foreign policy issues, such as increased unpredictability of the development of the international situation. Contemporary states have to exist in conditions of reformatting the system of international relations. Protecting Russia's national interests has led to unprecedented pressure from NATO countries. However, multi-vector course in international relations allows protecting national interests and avoiding isolation.

Experts paid special attention to the situation in Ukraine. They also discussed the threat of the Islamic State and the possibilities of destabilization of the situation in the Middle East and Central Asia.

All participants expressed satisfaction with results of the meeting and decided to hold similar events on a regular basis.

Chelyabinsk Information-analytical Center air base Shagol