Results of the Saudi Arabian king’s visit to Russia

We should not indulge in the euphoria of the economic cooperation with Saudi Arabia, says RISS expert Vladimir Fitin.

"Taking into account the anti-Russian hysteria in America, any steps, which could contribute to the development of our economy, are perceived negatively," explained the orientalist, noting significant US influence on Saudi Arabia.

Economic cooperation with Saudi Arabia could be very large-scale. As a researcher said, the talks were focused on the construction of a plant for the production of Kalashnikov rifles, "about the possibility of establishing an energy fund in the amount of $ 1 billion for joint oil trading, exploration, and production of oil, the participation of Saudi capital in the construction of a plant for production of liquefied natural gas in Russia. In addition, there is a possibility of participation of Saudi Arabia in the development of transport infrastructure in Russia, and our country has a chance to think about the construction of nuclear power plants in Saudi Arabia."

The fact that the leaders discussed such plans is not surprising. Russia's influence in the Middle East in recent years has grown, in particular because of the success of anti-terrorist operation in Syria. "Previously, the viewpoints of the parties differed significantly. Saudi Arabia alongside with many other countries imposed the conditions of the departure on President Assad and the official Syrian government from power. Now the kingdom is primarily interested in peace in the region instead of lobbying its selfish interests," said the scientist.

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