NATO summit to discuss transatlantic solidarity

Contradictions between the participating countries are becoming increasingly clear on the eve of the NATO summit, which is scheduled for 11-12 July, RISS expert Sergey Ermakov said. He noted that the issue of transatlantic solidarity will be raised for the first time at the upcoming summit.

According to him, this is due to the factor of the American President Donald Trump. "We are watching a certain concern of NATO experts and politicians about how the summit will go and how D.Trump will determine the further agenda of the organization. Before the summit, the U.S. President sent "letters of happiness" to the leaders of nine NATO member countries, which urged to allocate money for defense," RISS expert explained.

"Most likely, the issue of allocation of funds by the members of the Alliance for military needs will become one of the key issues at the summit. D.Trump has clearly hinted that if such plans are not implemented in the near future, the United States will reserve the right to reconsider its participation in the structures of European security. There will be raised a serious question of the relevance of the Article Five of the NATO Treaty (the concept of collective self-defence). Some experts hope that the transatlantic solidarity will be confirmed," S.Ermakov said.

"Speaking of the NATO expansion, the Balkan vector for the Alliance is priority: Macedonia, which has settled its contradictions with Greece. If it is confirmed at the summit once again, Macedonia may be invited to become a new member of the Alliance," the analyst concluded.

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