Football summit in Russia unites the world

The World Cup will help to improve the image of Russia and promote its authority around the world, said RISS expert Azhdar Kurtov. “During this sport event, President Vladimir Putin will have a unique opportunity to meet the leaders and representatives of other countries who will come to the World Cup and to discuss topical issues that are important for Russia and our guests. Various political problems are discussed at such meetings,” he said.

According to RISS expert, there is a possibility to discuss changes in international relations caused by the radical actions of the American President, as well as the situation in the South-East of Ukraine with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “Our country has common discussion points on oil prices or the situation in the Middle East with the representatives of Saudi Arabia. And the fact that Russia and Saudi Arabia may have different approaches to conflict solving in the Middle East doesn’t mean that we cannot find common language. On the contrary, negotiators are usually more relaxed in an informal atmosphere which means it is possible to find solutions to the problems,” the expert said.

A.Kurtov recalled that the Winter Olympics was held in Sochi a few years ago under strict conditions. “An unprecedented anti-Russian campaign was launched in many Western countries. They stated that Russia will not be able to hold this important sport event. Nevertheless, the Winter Olympics was held at the highest level. I believe that something like that will happen during the World Cup. Nevertheless, the current sport event is a convenient platform for discussing a wide range of international problems,” the expert pointed out.

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