The U.S. President in the search for intelligent team

The uncertainty of Washington’s foreign policy impels the President to search for a rational solution

Not only the President, but also various groups of influence, numerous lobbies, including think tanks, representatives of the American business corporations have an impact on the formation of the U.S. foreign and inner policy. Almost every head of the White house is “served” by a think tank with special functions. So behind George Bush Jr. was a “Project for the New American Century” (PNAC), which justified the foreign policy claims of the neocons. The intellectual center of Barack Obama was the Brookings Institution, Ronald Reagan – The Heritage Foundation. These centers ensured their candidates win during the election period. “Smart staffs,” bringing candidates to the government, then became the strong foundation for a President, providing expert predictions and ideologically sustained personnel.

Donald Trump as a non-systemic candidate during the election period didn’t have a special think tank. Isn't this the reason for his skillful and heartfelt improvisations for which America voted? However, the situation is changing, and everything returns to “normal” political culture. Indeed, America is unthinkable without traditions!

A landmark event in American politics, which hasn’t received significant public response, occurred on October 17, 2017. For the first time since his presidency D.Trump delivered a speech in the walls of the Heritage Foundation. In his speech, the American leader touched on a variety of issues, often very sensitive for Americans. The President was relaxed, and the atmosphere of friendliness was discordant with the overall anti-Trump spirit of American political life.

Now we can reasonably assume that is D.Trump will build his political course on the recommendations of this center. Even North Korean analysts are looking for opportunities to interact with intellectuals from the Heritage Foundation for a deeper understanding of the Trump’s policy. The Fund acts for opposing health care reform – Obamacare, and many other things which are close to the current American President.

It’s not a secret that Ronald Reagan based on ideological platform, formulated by the Heritage Foundation, and the Fund's recommendations became a sort of “Bible” for him. Perhaps the current head of the White house seeks to repeat the success of Ronald Reagan and to consolidate the fragmented American elite around his person.

The recent report of the Heritage Foundation, “Index of US military power 2018” imbued with the spirit of the renaissance of the American military machine, which is consistent with Trump’s mindset, who acts on the principle proclaimed by Ronald Reagan – “Peace through strength!”

It is also significant that the style of political materials of the Heritage Foundation is not hostile to Trump. We can’t say that about the other right-wing, neo-conservative institutions such as AEI (American Enterprise Institute), the Foreign Police Initiative, and Hudson Institute.

Trump’s support of the Heritage Foundation is clear and logical. The uncertainty of Washington’s foreign policy impels the President to search for rational solutions that require professional expertise. Perhaps the Fund will be able to provide it, and the US foreign policy itself will become more predictable.

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