RISS at Moscow International Book Fair 2015

It's the fourth time Russian Institute for Strategic Studies represents its publications at the largest book fair of the country – Moscow International Book Fair (MMKYA), taking place early in September at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre (VDNKh). 

This time, Centre for the Baltics and the CIS countries presented a monograph «Heirs of Victory and Defeat: World War II in CIS and EU Politics of Memory», giving the analysis of the system of legal basis, doctrial postulates, commemorative practices and rituals, connected with 1939–1945 war events. Media and Public Relations Sector presented a research wotk on «Crisis in Ukraine and Crimean Events in 2014: Information War Practice». The study was designed to simplify the analysis of the «Russian Spring» events for experts and media specialists.

RISS bookstand was of great interest for the fair guests. Books by P. Multatuli «I hope to God we don't drift into war!». Imperor Nicolas II and 1914 Prewar Crises. Facts against Myths» and «Foreign Policy of Nicolas II. 1894-1917» aroused a great deal of public interest. Publications on Asia-Pacific Region and the Middle East also drew much attention of the public.

In spite of fictional and educational character of MMKYA, research studies and the journal of the Institute were of great interest among readers from 15 to 70 years old. Now, when it's RISS' fourth time at the Fair, a lot of people come to the fair specially for RISS works. RISS staff says thank you to the readers for their interest and promises to get ready with new works for next book fairs.

Moscow International Book Fair