Struggle against Russia unites the West, but violates the fundamental values

The confrontation with Russia unites the countries of the European Union despite the serious disagreements between them, but it threatens Europe’s freedom of speech, RISS expert Oksana Petrovskaya considers.

The United Kingdom believes that Warsaw is moving towards authoritarianism and criticizes its government for trips to Poland. This is connected with the new Polish judicial bill of law, which is currently in the final stages of approval and adoption. “The European Commission has already expressed dissatisfaction with these legislative acts. Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May also needs support from the Polish side during the Brexit negotiations,” the expert said.

The main thing that unites the two European States is the struggle against Russia. The British Prime Minister stated that a common platform of struggle against anti-Russian propaganda will be created. O.Petrovskaya noted that the UK and Poland undertook some joint actions in this area. In particular, the Polish independent television channel Belsat TV, broadcasting in the Belarusian language, almost went bankrupt. Now it will get not less than 5 billion pounds from the British government.

Poland is trying to be a leader in the fight against the Russian propaganda. Well-known resolution on countering Russian media, adopted by the European Parliament last November, was initiated by the Deputy from Poland. The expert added that the thing is also in the financial side of the question. The European Union has allocated considerable funds for “countering Russian propaganda.”

“Russia has become the force that unites the West. Now the West will focus all its efforts on the struggle against our country. It will help these states to avoid some of their internal problems and contradictions. By their actions, Western countries violate their own fundamental values - first of all, we are talking about freedom of speech. The struggle against the anti-Russian propaganda is aimed at the ban of the Russian mass media in Europe,” – RISS expert concluded.

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