Russia, Turkey, Iran compared stances on Syria

Ankara hosted trilateral summit on Syria with Russian, Iranian, and Turkish leaders. The summit paid heavy attention to the future state structure of Syria, its territorial integrity, assistance to refugees, and restoration of housing. The presidents agreed to take measures on finally eliminating the terrorist threat in Idlib. "The parties have taken steps forward to resolve all urgent issues. USA failed to quarrel Moscow, Ankara, and Tehran," RISS expert Georgy Sosnov said.

The summit participants made a joint statement following the talks. Turkey wants a Kurd-free border buffer zone in northeastern Syria. Ankara is ready to start an operation against Kurdish militia in a safe zone in northeastern Syria within two weeks, if no specific measures are taken there jointly with the United States, Turkish President R.Erdogan said. He also called for a "peace corridor" in Syria's northeast that would allow about 2 million refugees to return to their home country's territory. Iranian leader H.Rouhani supported Erdogan's idea and confirmed that there were terrorist group backed by the United States in the Turkey northeast. Russian President V.Putin said he completely understood Turkey's stance on ensuring its national security in Syria and that the US presence there was absolutely illegal.

The dominant topic at the summit was the situation in Idlib. Erdogan pointed out that Turkey was taking all measures to cope with terrorism. Iran and Russia share the same stance. "But this problem is so serious that it is not yet possible to solve it quickly," G.Sosnov underscored. As for the state structure of post-war Syria, the summit participants announced the completion of work on the formation of the constitutional committee on Syria in Geneva.

According to RISS expert, Russian-Turkish relations were gaining momentum. Russia is completing the construction of the second string of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline. The Akkuyu nuclear power plant project is being implemented. The expert also recalled that the last batch of S-400 missile systems had been delivered in Turkey. "Russia-Turkey trade turnover has reached $25 billion this year. The next summit is scheduled to be held in Tehran in October," RISS expert concluded.

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