Cold and Hot Wars discussed in RISS Analytical Center in St. Petersburg

«Russia in cold and hot wars at the turn of ХХ-ХХI centuries» was the topic of a round table talk, hosted by RISS Analytical Center in St. Petersburg.

Great interest was directed towards a report of Major General A.Kostyuhin, the President of RОО «Information Civilization – ХХI century», on the specifics of «IV generation wars». Major General A.Kostyuhin, a former head of one of the departments of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces, told about forms and methods of «internal destruction» of military and political foundations in Russia and gave a number of examples of successful counteractions to western subversive attacks.

Professor A.Kolesnikov presented his analysis of Russia and the West opposition of the last 70 years, focusing on the results of the Soviet-Afghan war and Chechen military campaign of 1994-2000. The current stage of military and political situation was seen in the report as the new phase of a cold war of USA and NATO against Russia.

Associate professor V. Blondin, a participant of a military conflict in the Middle East, shared his memories of a successful rebuff to the West during the Soviet period.

D.Belyaev, a research fellow of St. Petersburg Analytical Center told about his analysis of complicated schemes in information counteraction of Russia to the West, including the latest computer technologies and information-psychological methods of influence on public opinion.

Associate professor A.Ryzhova (Ph.D) reported on economic aspects of the new phase of the cold war. Policy of economic sanctions of the West against Russia, the reporter said, is a part of economic war, which requires response measure according to the laws of strategy and tactics.

Intense discussion proved great importance of the question and revealed a number of tasks to be solved.