Structural organization changes at RISS

The Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, headed by M. Fradkov, changes its structural organization. It is concentrated on two main areas of Institute’s activity: regional studies and social, economic, and political-military studies.

Human being as research subject in the international political and economic relations, his creative activity in solving global challenges, as well as security issues will be the main field of activity of the following functional centers:

- Centre for Humanities Studies

- Centre for Economic Studies

- Centre for Military-Political Studies

Regional centers will cover various world regions that shaping key political and economic trends, where the conflicting interests of the major powers clash:

- Centre of the USA, Canada, and Latin America

- Centre for European Studies

- Centre of Asia and Asia-Pacific Region

- Centre of the Near and Middle East

- Centre of Africa

- Centre for CIS Countries Studies

In order to systematize and coordinate scientific studies in RISS, as well as for perspective directions development of research activity were created:

- Centre for Research Coordination

- Centre for Prospective Studies

- Centre for Public Relations and Media

RISS’ structural changes became an important stage of Institute’s transformation and the result of the first 100 days of the new Director.

Commenting on the structural reorganization, M. Fradkov has noted: "RISS is a major scientific-research and analytical centre established by the President of the Russian Federation. We need to justify the confidence given to us. We are expected not only more detailed scientific research on topical issues of international relations, but also enhancing its practical relevance. RISS became the centre of attention of analysts, and we are ready to cooperate with our colleagues. But we also know that RISS is under the scrutiny of the informational provocations organizers. We need to be more professional and produce such high-quality analytical products so we don't have to deny the speculation, but proud of our exclusive work."