RISS took part in the Munich Security Conference

In recent years, dramatic changes have taken place in the Middle East and North Africa. The tense situation in this region varies considerably and raises serious concerns. However, there is also reason for optimism. The world’s leading powers understand that they need to unite efforts to address conflict situations.

This subject was the main topic of discussion at the Munich Security Conference (MSC) held on 26-30 October in Cairo (Egypt) and Doha (Qatar). According to the Chairman of the Munich Security Conference Wolfgang Ischinger, one of the goals of this event was to discuss how it was possible to "jointly reduce tensions in this volatile region" and help its countries to curb numerous problems (terrorism, refugee flow, etc.).

"The current problems in the Middle East are spreading throughout a region. All issues should be resolved through dialogue and full commitment to the peace," British diplomat Salman Sheikh said. His analytical group is currently focusing on the problems of Syria and Iran.

Elena Suponina, adviser to the head of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, recalled the forum participants the Russian Concept of Collective Security in the Persian Gulf, noting that Russia's recent success in Syria demonstrated the ability to work jointly to stabilize the situation.

The Munich Security Conference was also attended by heads of several Arab and African States, Defense Ministers and heads of the regional security services, leading diplomats and politicians from Europe, America, Asia, and the Middle East, heads of international organizations, prominent political scientists and specialists, heads of large corporations, business and civil society representatives.

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