Pandemic ruining US hopes for world domination

Trump is aimed at maintaining US dominance and hindering China's recovery after the coronavirus

President Trump’s statements on halting the World Health Organization’s funding (WHO) and possible withdrawal from the World Trade Organization (WTO) are aimed at maintaining US dominance and hindering China's recovery after the coronavirus, RISS expert Mikhail Belyaev underscores. “It’s not a secret that the Trump administration pursues a hostile policy towards China. The US is always acting from a position of strength. Washington is now trying to hide an iron fist in a velvet glove,” he said.

In expert’s opinion, the outbreak made the current world trends more obvious. In particular, the world now understands that PRC can no longer be the sole driving force of the globalization process. China plays a leading role in global production chains and if it gets into a difficult situation, the entire world economy will face great difficulties.

Washington is attempting to strengthen its position in the world after the pandemic, so it wants to take control of the WTO and make this organization work in the interests of the United States, RISS expert believes. The White House also got interested in the rapidly growing role of the WHO on the world stage. As a result, Trump decided to pause the cooperation with these organizations while his administration reviews their response to the global crisis.

According to Belyaev, the White House is also alarmed by the fact that China has proved the advantages of its centralized political system in comparison with the American liberal market model in the fight against the epidemic. “It is unlikely that America will emerge stronger after the crisis. The US will definitely lose to China. Any attempts to create a bipolar world on the world stage will become of secondary importance after the pandemic. China will win over the post-coronavirus world and leave the US behind,” the analyst concluded.

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