North Korea prevented large-scale coronavirus spread

North Korea has prevented large-scale coronavirus spread due to strict preventive measures, RISS expert Roman Lobov says. Pyongyang banned all international passenger travel; all foreigners were quarantined. “Now the DPRK is gradually returning to normal life. However, North Koreans still have to wear medical masks and observe strict measures to control COVID-19 spread,” he said.

RISS expert drew attention to the fact that mass media noted that North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, has not been seen in public since 11 April. “In this situation, the USA and South Korea hold the opinion that circulating rumors about Kim’s serious illness are untrue and speculative. President Trump expressed hope that Kim Jong Un was alive and well. According to the US Secretary of State M.Pompeo, current rumors will not change the basic principles of the American position on the settlement of the nuclear problem of the Korean Peninsula,” Lobov concluded.

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