Moscow-Tiraspol: on the visit of RISS Deputy Director T. Guzenkova to Transnistria

At the invitation of Transnistria State University, RISS Deputy Director T. S. Guzenkova visited Transnistria (August 27 – September 3) and took part in a number of research events, celebrating the 25-th anniversary of Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic and 85-th anniversary of Shevchenko Transnistria State University (TSU).

International Research Conference «25 years of Independent Transnistria: challenges and prospects» took place at TSU on August 28.

The focus of the conference were the following topics: history of struggle for independence; phenomenon of Transnistrian identity; referendums in Transnistrian – legal basis of Transnistrian sovereignty; military agression of Moldavian Republic against Transnistria as a crime against humanity; Transnistria as a part of the Russian world, spiritual pillar of Russian civilization; Russian peacekeeping operation on Dniester as a guarantor of Transnistrian security; sanction policy of Moldova and Ukraine towards Transnistria; geopolitical situation around Transnistria amid current challenges and threats.

Participants of the conference paid great deal of attention to the problem of international recognition of Transnistrian state. According to Transnistrian Parlament speaker M. Burla, within 25 yaers «we showed to the world that we can create a state, conforming to all international standards and obtaining all attributes of a state». Transnistrian expert I. Galinskiy underlined that no unions or assossiations between Transnistria and Moldova are possible, as far as unprincipled political elite of Moldova is trying to eliminate a special political Transnistrian status». The political expert says, geopolitical and economic situation around Transnistria brings up a question of whether the Republic is able to survive, and the answer to this question can lead to recognition of sovereignity of Transnistria by the Russian Federation.

In her report, RISS Deputy Director T. S. Guzenkova said that nowadays Transnistrian issue can be treated only along with the question of transformation of the whole system of international relations. This is where, she said, the role of expert community becomes very important, when it should define common approaches to this or that international problem, work out an adequate model of society development under new and often negative circumstances.

Conference discussion was of annivesary as well as business and constructive nature and therefore facilitated deeper analysis of the current situation in Transnistria and future development of Transnistrian society.

On September 1, RISS Deputy Director T. S. Guzenkova met with academic staff of the Institute of History and State Management. As a part of the meeting T. S. Guzenkova gave a lecture for teachers and students of the Institute on how World War II is presented in PostSoviet and EU states.

The discussion went on at the presentation of RISS research publication «Heirs of Victory and Defeat: World War II in CIS and EU Politics of Memory».

As a part of her visit to Transnistria, RISS Deputy Director T. S. Guzenkova took part in events, celebrating the 25-th anniversary of Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic and visited a number of leading industrial organizations and cultural centers of the Republic.