RISS Director on Edouard Philippe's appointment as French Prime Minister

47-year-old Mayor of Le Havre Edouard Philippe began his political career in the ranks of the Socialist party, but later joined the “Union for the Presidential Majority”, which in 2015 became the party “The Republicans”.

The RISS Director commented on the new appointment: “Macron is trying to build a broad coalition of supporters. He doesn't fixate on the idea of “ideological purity” of their movement. He's trying to look like the reasonable pragmatist. Socialist ideas are combined with liberal conservative values; his emphasis on civic activism is reinforced by the populist technologies. Macron claims the title of master of extraordinary political symbiosis. But what does this political symbiosis of ideas and people portend for the French people? Eventually, this will be determined by the economy. Therefore, the figure of the Prime Minister of France is extremely important.

Edouard Philippe – a man of broad views, with practical experience at the regional level and in politics, although he is not well known person. He seems inclined to romanticize his activities, being the author of the autobiographical novel “In the Shadow” (Dans l'ombre) on the hidden side of political elections. Today, a former Alain Juppe’s ally comes out of the shadows. Perhaps his great experience will help him get a better feel for the expectations of the French people from the government.

We cannot ignore external factors when forming French economic policy at this stage. The first political meetings of Macron with Merkel, and then with the heads of the leading countries at the NATO and G7 Group summits will undoubtedly have an impact on the formation of a specific action plan of “macronists”. Will Macron and his appointee be able to construct a new and productive economic policy? But we can already suggest that many political and economic Macron’s innovations will have to pass a serious strength test when faced with reality.”

France Macron